A meal to flaunt

September 30, 2014
Meal to flaunt featured

Feature - a meal to flaunt

Meal to flaunt 1

These McDonald’s meal handbags designed by Moschino – the luxury fashion brand, looks no more than just a “McDonald’s meal”. Only difference is they comes with a hefty price tag of $700 to $1200. Yes, and they are actually being sold by big retailers including Saks Fifth Ave. I wonder why would one pay such a luxury price for an inspiration of something that is not really a luxury. Next time I go to McDonald’s, I am going to make sure I save those empty meal boxes and make this a DIY ;-).

Moschino’s love for McDonald’s didn’t just stop there. Here is an iphone cover and a T-Shirt.

Meal to flaunt 2

Shop the Moschino collection here

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  • Sarah

    These are really cool pieces but for kids I guess. Not something I would spent money on….I guess these designers do these kind of collection just to be in news :)