Bows and Blues

November 30, 2013
Bows and Blues - 1st

Bows and Blues - 1st rs

Burgundy coat by “Jack by BB Dakota”, Navy pumps by Vince Camuto, Metallic wrislet by Banana Republic, Ink Blue tights by Hue


As a kid I was always fascinated by clothing, shoes and accessories with bows on them. Few months ago I found myself making fun of my little sister for her obsession of bows as an adult. Recently, this coat made me realize that my love for bows has also been eternal. This BB Dakota creation was an instant buy for many reasons. I love how the bows are perfectly sized and placed as buttons, and they are not taking away the other great features of the coat. The flare fit adds sophistication and the burgundy color adds freshness to the look. The colors that easily compliments this coat would be blues, greys, metallics and neutrals. To add plenty of contrast, I paired it with ink blue opaque tights, navy pumps and metallic wrislet.



Bows and Blues - 3rd


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  • Sanjana

    This coat is beyond beautiful! Looking great on you!

  • Maritza

    You are looking beautiful! Perfect outfit and colors!

  • Mafalda

    You look awesome, perfectly styled look!

    Come check my new post, I’ve received my new Balenciaga cut-out boots alternatives!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Sandra

    I am going crazy for this coat! Such a lovely bow details and fit!

  • Emily

    Pretty pretty pretty! Very beautiful coat!

  • zozo

    So feminine and classic! Love this striking color combination and the blue tights with blue shoes. I’m on the lookout for blue boots now :)

    atelier zozo

  • Sam

    Such an enchanting the coat! xoxo

  • Riya

    Great fall and winter look! Love the blue and burgundy combo!

  • Lisa

    What a fairy tale look! :) coat is super cute

  • Candace

    Love the shoes and blue tights! Everything looks perfectly paired!

  • Hazel

    I want this coat so bad! Love it!

  • haley

    beautiful–nice choice in the coat! glad to find your blog tonight <3

    Colour Me Classic

  • Jen

    You look like a princess! That coat is truly beautiful! Those blue combinations going on is just unique and striking! :)

  • Nicky

    what a great color combinations! that coat is a stunner!

  • Sandy

    I am in live with this coat! So pretty!

  • Maja eM
  • Cindy

    Love the look! Beautiful coat and those blue tights are such a great match! Love love love it!!! :)

  • Neha

    Love the coat! It is so unique and chic!

  • Simona

    Such a beautiful look. I love the red with the blue, and those shoes are so pretty!!