Bundling up!

January 16, 2015
BU  - full 4 R

BU  - full 4 R

Last weekend was freezing here on the east coast and this is how I bundled up – An extra-long cashmere pullover with kimono styled sleeves worn over a merino wool turtleneck. This oversized pullover is almost like a sweater-dress and can be worn in so many ways. Just tying a sleek belt can make it a chic work attire or an evening dress. I did wear a coat too, which I took off right before the shoot as I really wanted to highlight each of the layering pieces.

BU  - full 10 R

In this piercing cold of NYC, bundling up is almost imperative and it’s the only way to stay warm and avoid getting sick! In a situation where layering becomes a necessity on an everyday basis, the content of the garment used in each layering piece plays a great role in number of layering needed and amount of warmth you get. I personally believe in spending little extra to have my winter wardrobe warm enough for the season. That being said, I only invest in 100% wool or cashmere sweaters. Once you start wearing sweaters like that, you will never go back to the cotton and acrylic ones, which I think are total waste of money. These days fine wool and cashmere is not as expensive as it used to be. There are some great brands carrying variety of such sweaters at reasonable prices. Below are some of my current favorites. I find turtlenecks a great utility as they add an extra layer around your neck without paying extra bucks. I own them in all possible colors and they are part of my everyday work attire paired with wool pencil skirts and tights.

Before we talk more about the look. I must share this pic I took while shooting in Bryant park. The fountain was literally frozen and became an ice sculpture. So that’s what I meant by freezing weather :).

BU  - full 17

Back to the look – I tried combining different shades of grey in this outfit. From light, medium to dark, I layered them in an order to create a subtle contrast. For the bottoms I wore a pair of sweater leggings in medium shade. Again quite cozy and warm.

BU  - full 13

For shoes I picked black suede over the knee boots. These pair don’t need any cool introduction. They are the classic ones without any crazy detail, which I like the most about them. It is available in two more colors. I also love the ginger. Check here.

There are more similar ones below that I love.

BU  - scarf 2

For an added warmth and style I threw a chunky infinity neckwarmer in light pink color. I guess it is more of a lavenderish pink. Love how the color compliments the greys in the outfit.

Infinity scrarves/neckwarmers are must haves for this cold weather. The thing that I love the most about them is how easily you can wear them without going around and around multiple times. Here are some more cool ones out there to keep you warm and in style this season.

BU  - Bag 2

BU  - Bag 3

The highlight of the outfit is my new baby Saint Laurent Sac de Jour color blocked nano bag. When it comes to classic and elegance, Saint Laurent rules. Black and white colorblock is super chic and the size is just adorable. Great length strap to wear as cross-body and sleek handle to carry as a satchel in the evening. There is also a bigger version of the same, which is equally adorable and perfectly sized for travel or everyday work.

BU  - Bag 4

BU  - full 15

Shop this look here.

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  • vinnie

    Love this look! Such a utility sweater! This is what I love about the baggy sweaters, you can wear it in so many ways!! :-)


  • The Real Arnolds

    Love the oversized sweater. I bet it is very versatile! This is the perfect winter look. Makes me want to get my OTK boots out tomorrow!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  • Khloe

    Such a chic and cozy outfit…need to get a long sweater like this one..

  • Beauty Follower

    Love the colour combination of your outfit!


  • http://avenuecamilla.com/ Camilla

    Cool outfit :) I really love your bag!


  • The Fashion Panda

    Beautiful outfit! Love those boots and great bag :-)