Denim Shirt – A Fall Must-have!

September 16, 2015
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I have talked about transition to Fall essentials around same time last year, and I think it’s time to add few more items to that list. Items that are not just chic basics but also provide the needed warmth during those iffy Fall days when the weather doesn’t feel quite Fall yet. I’ll highlight one item at a time and today we will talk about this must-have classic “denim shirt” and many ways to style it. We all want to cling to our summer wardrobe for a little more time and this classic gem can help you achieve that and make the whole stepping into Fall much easier and stylish.





This is one of my favorite ways of styling a denim shirt. You can’t go wrong with this classic pairing as it never fails to impress. Only rule to follow is choose a little different shade for the top and bottom, and keep the accessories to minimal.

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Pair with your favorite skirt

You can still wear your summer skirts by pairing with a denim shirt and look quite fall ready and chic.

Denim shirt with skirt TYV 1


As a cover-up

Denim shirt can be used as a chic cover-up over your favorite summer dress or tie it around the waist over any outfit for an edgy look.

Denim shirt as a cover up TYV 1



It also works as a chic layering piece under a sweater if aiming for a preppy and polished look. You can also add it as one of the free style layering pieces in a super casual outfit.

Denim shirt layered up TYV 5


With Shorts

Yes, you can still wear shorts in Fall, either by itself or with some tights and balance the skin exposure with a denim shirt and stay warm.

Denim Shirt with Shorts TYV


Below are few of my favorite picks under $50. Links to each item is listed below in a clockwise order!


1. Stylus™ Long-Sleeve Boyfriend Denim Shirt (Currently own this and love it!) || 2. JACQUELINE de YONG Denim shirt || 3. 8 Denim shirt || 4. Rails
Leather-Trim Denim Shirt


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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