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March 20, 2015
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Customizing an apartment the way you want is always a challenge in NYC. Blame it on limited spaces. One certainly needs to bring forth their creative side to maximize every corner without making it appear squeezed-up. Over the years I came up with plenty of carefully planned space saving tricks that I am quite proud of. That does include setting up a murphy bed in the living room that looks like a closet during the day and an extra bed for the guests at night. This trick actually came with a price, not just the price of the bed itself but the fact that we abandoned our real bedroom as we end up crashing on Murphy bed every single night. Part of the culprit is the TV in the living room. I insisted on not having a second TV for the bedroom as I really believe a bedroom should be TV free.

As I think through this more, I also realize that we haven’t done anything to make our bedroom cozy and welcoming enough since we moved in. Last year was a super busy year due to our wedding so decorating the apartment was put on a back burner. Now we have decided to change the status quo and revamp our bedroom so that it becomes the most coziest and prettiest place to be, not just to sleep in but also to hang out.

Currently the place is pretty simple with a king size bed, Leather ottoman, over-sized floor mirror and a credenza. What I am aiming for is the right decor to make it cozy and vibrant by adding colors and accessories along with personalizing with our pictures from wedding and other special moments. Also, since I spend quite a bit of time working on the blog and other projects in the evening, so a small desk for myself is certainly in the list. Recently I have been looking around to get some design inspirations and came across some really cool and chic bedroom ideas. Some are applicable to our place and some are completely a dream until we have a bigger home. But regardless, all these are worth taking a glance! :).


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Love the chair and the desk above. Also the mustard throw and accent pillow is something to covet. Found similar pieces below that could easily be incorporated into our current space.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 2

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That stick decor on the wall is so eye-catching and unique. Couldn’t find anything similar but I think this could be a cool DIY by painting sticks and adding feathers in the front (food for thought). Also love the burst of color in the carpet and the contrast it creates with the blue bench. Found some similar and equally beautiful items below.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 19

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Love how these bright colored geometric arts brings so much character to the room. I think the idea is to keep everything else simple and neutral and bring the colors through just the wall art. Found some really colorful arts to create similar theme below.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 20

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Love the earthy tones in this room. Above all, how cute is that bed tray! Great way to never leave your bedroom! :). See the similar woven trays I found below.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 21

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Grey is not always a dull theme, especially if paired with some subtle patterns and similar colors. I love how the color of the bed-frame compliments the greys. And those hanging lamps are bringing an additional layer of class to the surroundings. Love these similar items below.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 22

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Another super chic earthy toned theme. Small details are worth appreciation including all the framed pictures on the wall, neutral pillows and wheel decor above the bed. See what I found to create such look.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 23

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This particular theme is a great way to add a flavor of nature in your bedroom. That indoor plant and the wall art makes it a great breathing and relaxing space. We can certainly add a plant to our bedroom since we get abundant sunlight from all the corners. I did find some of these below to create such theme.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 24

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Another beautiful grey theme. The addition of earthy tones like this brown credenza, ottomans and the area rug defines the room and makes it a true inspiration. Found similar pieces below that would compliment any such theme.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 26

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This is such a dreamy and colorful theme that would make one feel right in Morocco. Love the colorful pillows, throws and exotic lamps. Love these accessories below that would easily add the Moroccan vibe.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 17

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A perfect city theme that works pretty well with any kind of space. Love the brick wall, which can be easily accomplished using a patterned wall paper (See the below listed items). The contemporary furniture is adding a perfect modern flare through structured chairs and bench. Even though we have clear and close view of the Empire State building through our bedroom, having a picture version would be equally pleasant to have around. Love how the black & white art creates a beautiful contrast against the brick wall. See what I found to create such theme below.

contemporary-bedroom-Home-decor-inspiration 15

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This bird cage inspired ceiling lamp is a masterpiece. Simple yet sleek design gives a minimal and modern vibe to the bedroom making it look very tasteful and artistic.

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    I am loving all these inspirations! All the decors are stunning! :)

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    Love those great inspirations!
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    i definitly Need a new bedroom i love it
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    I have a teeny tiny bedroom in Copenhagen too but we’re trying to make the most of it! I absolutely love that Bali style hut bedroom it’s gorgeous!

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    Amazing setups! I really like the clean, minimalistic ones, definitely changes the entire look of a room! :) xo~ Lena

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    Thanks for the inspiration! My room definitively need a make over and with this I have new ideas!!

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    I love these choices! They’re all nice in their own way, I can’t choose one haha xx

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    These apartment inspirations are great :) I adore the Moroccan-theme one! I sympathize with you over small living, me and my partner live in such a cramped space

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    Pretty rooms! Love the inspiraton

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    Lovely round up of decor ideas. I moved to NYC almost a year ago and i’m still settling down in my Manhattan apartment…. could definitely use some of these tips :)

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    Each pic is better than the next! My fave is the one with the painted feathers above the bed. The colors are amazing!

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    Oh my gosh! Those stripey pillows are amazing!

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    These room decorations are really beautiful! The furnishings are really chic and modern, awesome!


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    Such great inspiration! I love the fifth photo.


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    All these are gorgeous! :)


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    I am so loving all of these bedrooms. But I absolutely love the bedroom with the brick wall in the back. That’s just an amazing design. Great post.

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