The Modern Gypsy

October 30, 2014
Gypsy - UB 3

Gypsy - Full r

Bohemian fashion has a strong existence in the modern world and is often related to free-spirited, ethnic and artistic style inspired by gypsies and wanderers. In today’s era, the gypsy style (Known for flowy clothes with pile of layers and jewelry) isn’t taken as literally, and thus termed as Boho-Chic. The idea behind this new evolved style statement is wearing something hippie with a modern touch, minus the sloppiness ;-).

I attempted this modern gypsy look by wearing a flowy maxi dress. This dress has a tribal pattern to go perfectly with the theme. I just loved the earthy tones in it. A Maxi dress takes so much space on your body that it becomes almost important to style the whole look surrounding it. So I picked every other piece including bag and accessories to compliment the dress and of course the Boho theme. To give a bit of modern street vibe, I added a fitted leather jacket.

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Gypsy - UB

Gypsy - UB 2

Gypsy - shoes

Shoes are almost hiding under the dress but I was able to capture a glimpse of it. Needed enough heel to avoid stumbling as the dress was bit too long. Wearing Nine West shooties with lace details.

Gypsy - UB 3

Gypsy - earrings

These earrings by House of Harlow has everything to complement the look. Tribal design with antique look is very appealing and unique.

Gypsy - Bangles

Wearing set of tribal bangles designed by Gypsy SOULE. They are creating a perfect balance by adding the needed ethnic feel.

Gypsy - Bag 2

This bag is to fall in love with. The fur detail with turquoise studs are beyond beautiful. Perfect size of fringe adds plenty of Boho effect.

Gypsy - UB 4

A statement belt was added for dimension and style. This one by Ralph Lauren would go well with so many things including Fall coats and sweaters. Planning to wear it quite a bit this season.

Gypsy - Full 2

Gypsy - Full 3

Gypsy - Full 6

It is very easy to rock a Boho-chic outfit and here is what it takes to create the look:

1) Choice of colors with earthy tones. primarily includes combination of black, brown, off white, dark green and blue.
2) A piece of clothing which is flowy – A long gown or a skirt, flowy top or a dress.
3) Ethnic or tribal jewelry
4) Hobo or tribal inspired handbag
5) Free-spirit attitude! :)

Few tips to get the perfect look:

1) Don’t overdo the layering. It is very easy to look “down-and-out” if not know where to stop. Less is certainly more. My go to rule for any outfit (which works here too) is standing in-front of a mirror and gauge if I am wearing clothes or clothes are wearing me. The later is certainly not what you want.

2) Pair a flowy piece with a more tailored one. For e.g. if wearing an over-sized top, wear a skinny trouser or denim to make it more appealing. Wearing a belt on a baggy dress also adds structure and create feminine look, so it is worth trying a statement belt. Wearing a fitted biker jacket also adds tons of modern vibe and it’s a great piece to put on any Boho outfit.

3) Pick and choose the jewelry that compliments the outfit and suits your style. Wearing statement pieces that are unique and ethnic always grab attention and look fashion forward. It is also important that each piece stands out and not go unnoticed. So I recommend not to wear too many of them.

Thanks for reading! XOXO


|| Forever 21 Tribal Maxi Dress ($30) || Nine West Elegra Shooties ($119) || House of Harlow Gysy Feather Earrings ($55)|| BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket ($98) || American West Free Spirit Handbag ($228)|| Gysy SOULE Tribal Bangles set ($24) || Ralph Lauren Belt ($48) |||| Elizabeth & James Shades ($155) ||

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