New Year and Resolutions

December 31, 2014


2014 is officially ending tonight and we are stepping into 2015. Some of you may have grand plans to celebrate the evening and some may have preferred a low key or private time with the closed ones. No matter what your plans are, don’t forget to take time out and revisit the great moments and experiences you had this year and all the little things you are thankful for. It is very easy to forget what we have and what we were better at in the midst of making resolutions for what we don’t.

I believe in making small efforts through out the year as oppose to promising myself for all at once and make things unattainable. To me being a better person inside and have inner peace is as important as trying to attain better health or physic. Last year I had made few promises to myself to make my life stress free, simple, peaceful and much more fun, and I attained that successfully by the doing the following. These are very subjective and personal. Just sharing what was important for me at that time.

1) Drop all the fake and envious – One may not realize that having such people around can suck quite a bit of positive energy. Friends are there to be a support in your highs and lows and you certainly don’t need one who is mocking in your lows, and envious in your highs. I truly feel much happier by keeping such people at a distance.

2) Not pay attention to what others think- In this world everyone has opinions and judgments regardless of being asked for one. Caring too much about what others think can stop you from achieving your dreams and living your life to the fullest. Having a no-care attitude made me more stronger, confident and a happier person.

3) Keeping calm under stress – Thanks to my husband who has been a great inspiration. I learnt how keeping calm leads to think intelligently and can solve problems instantly especially the ones that are just superficially big in my mind. I also learnt that there is always a solution for every problem big or small, and it helped in having much more control on my mind and emotions.

I did make few positive notes to myself for this coming year —

1) Post more often on blog and try to have a schedule – I started the blog as a hobby which still is but sometime I get so busy with work and forget that I have audiences/visitors that I should be connecting with on a regular basis.

2) Try not to eat more than my body needs – Ones you cross 30’s which some of you might have realized as well that our bodies are not the same when it comes to consuming fats and calories. Knowing where to stop and having self control is the key.

3) Sleep more and on time – My sleep schedule has been quite messed up lately. Even though I catch on my sleep quite a bit on weekends but having at least 8 hours of sleep every night does lead to more energy and productivity which is important to make the most out of your day.

4) Think every day at least once how grateful I am to have such a loving, caring and supportive husband – I can never elaborate in words how perfectly we gel together. If you ever believe in the phrase “made for each other”, that’s what we literally are. If you have a special person in your life – husband, friend, boyfriend, kids or any loved ones that you are grateful to have, don’t forget to tell them as much and as often.

5) Start a charity – This is something I had always thought of and now I have reached a point where I have become really passionate about. There are many causes that I want to work on but one that tops my list is empowerment of girl child in the countries where they are left out of many facilities and rights either due to gender bias or poverty. My goal would be to make them educated and self sufficient so that they lead the life that we all lead and deserve.

Before I end this post, here is an inspiration for resolutions that I had fun reading.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!



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  • Aritza

    Great thoughts! I would love to start a charity one day too for a great cause <3…hope you have a
    Wonderful new year full of style! :-)

  • Riya

    Such a great inspiration you are…this truly made me think out of my confined resolution list that I have been making and breaking over the last 3 years

  • Giada g

    Great post…great inspiration :-))


  • Nova L

    Happy New Year Ramy! Very nicely written! I can so relate to the so many things you said…especially about fake and jealous people. Love you style <3