March 2, 2014

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the Oscars tonight. It has been a while since I have posted anything new on my blog. I must admit, it isn’t an easy task to juggle with a full time job and run a blog, where the latter was also almost becoming full time. I certainly needed some time off to organize and re-energize. Being a true Gemini, I can’t stop myself indulging in a gamut of interests and passions, and my love for fashion couldn’t keep me off my blog for long. I have been also missing for some very happy reasons – Got engaged recently and now busy planning for the big day :). Upcoming months are going to be bit crazy but I am pretty excited to tackle all and feeling blessed to be in such a situation.


Peekaboo-full 1

TOPSHOP Fluffy Pullover, TOPSHOP Floral Leggings, Zara Messenger Bag, BP Moto Boots, Michael Kors Shades,


The Outfit—I have always been daring enough to try something that I have never tried before, and that applies to my personal style as well. Wearing a crop top may be bit daring for some, and I have been in that league myself until I find ways to flaunt it without showing my belly fat ;). One doesn’t need to bare all to rock this trend, and thanks to the high rise pants and skirts that compliments it and make it look tasteful. I wore this fluffy cropped pullover with some high-waist patterned legging, both from TOPSHOP. I do need to mention the moto boots as well, super chic and comfy. I have been looking for something similar for a while but always encountered some of the bad quality ones that looked cheap and poorly made. This one gets 5 stars from me for looks and quality.

Peekaboo-full 2

Peekaboo-Bag Shoes

Peekaboo-Close up 2

Peekaboo-Close up

Peekaboo-full 3

Peekaboo-full 4

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  • Sam

    I love the red shades…goes very well with the pink sweater!

  • Ann

    You look beautiful! Great looking sweater and boots are also very cool!

  • Rima

    Such a beautiful color of the sweater! Very cool outfit!

  • Kat

    Very cute outfit! Those high rise pants are great tip!

  • Ravi

    That sweater looks so soft and pretty! Lovely colors!

  • Dario Venuti
  • Shiny

    It’s always nice to try things outside my comfort zone (though it happens rarely). You look lovely!

  • Neha

    Lovely sweater! All the pieces came together really well!

  • The Fashion Panda

    Great top !

    Would you like to follow eachother on facebook ? Let me know :)

    • TickleyourVanity

      Thanks for the comment! I would love to follow you on FB. :)

  • LilyB

    You look amazing! Lovely color combinations! :)

  • Sharon

    Very chic outfit! Love the color of the sweater!

  • Sandra – MoreStyleThanFashion

    You look lovely, good to try things outside your comfort zone.
    And I know the feeling (a fulltime job and running a blog) Isn’t easy, but it is so much fun I could do it all day haha..

  • Rathana

    Congrats on your engagement! :-) I like your fluffy cropped pullover! The colors of your outfit are really pretty, so classy.

    Rathana xx

  • Kileen

    i love the pink crop top and it shows just the right amount of skin!

    cute & little