The Fickle Fall

September 20, 2013
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The Fickle Fall - Full 1st

Club Monaco Silk Shirt(Similar), Gucci Shades,Tory Burch Shorts, Vintage Brighton Belt, Torry Burch Flats, Kate Spade Westchester Treesh Bag


I always eagerly wait for the fall and the fickle weather it brings along. One day you are wearing shorts and on another you are wearing tights or jeans. The best part is that it doesn’t let you forget the summer completely for sometime, and you get to have some fun with your wardrobe combining outfits from all weather types. Here I am on one of those warm days of New York autumn, out for brunch on the upper west side of the city. I just love the neighborhood especially Broadway, Columbus and Amsterdam ave from 67th Street up to 96th. The vibrant neighborhood has plenty of amazing cafes, bars and restaurants. We took a bite at Pappardella on Columbus and 74th. The food was great and so was the ambience and sit out arrangement.


The Fickle Fall - Side full


The Fickle Fall - Eating


The Fickle Fall - Fmr mkt


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  • Eva

    I absolutely love this outfit

  • Neha

    Love your style. So elegant!

  • Emma

    Very elegant. Love the shirt. Combination with orange shorts is perfect!

  • Melissa

    Love Tory Burch flats. Never tried her clothing. This shorts is perfect with the shirt.

  • Sandra

    Super fantastic ensemble! You look great!

  • Lauren

    Love the look. Classy as always.

  • Anonymous

    So chic. Love the look. What model is the Kate Spade bag?

  • Riya

    Elegant lady

  • Amy

    Great look as always. I love tuxedo style shirt. Nice idea to wear full sleeves with shorts in summary fall days.

  • Kyle

    How can you be so elegant? You can pull any outfit and look fabulous.

  • Emma

    So chic. Love the look. What model is the Kate Spade bag?