Time to Wrap it!

September 13, 2013
Wrap it up - featured



I think the phenomenon known as “Summer Scarves” isn’t well applied in summer as technically you don’t really need one unless it is one of those unusually comfy summer days. I somehow find it hard to wrap something around my neck during a really warm day. To me, transition to Fall makes a perfect match for them, and I usually end up wearing my light weight scarves during this time.

A bright colored scarf can make any outfit look chic and vibrant while providing the needed comfort in the breezy weather. It’s an accessory that is fashionable and functional. Here I am wearing one by “Printed Village”. I love the fact that it is 100% cotton and is big enough to give extra body and frill effect. Another fact to love is the NYC weather right now. Hey, it’s in 70’s! Love to be out on the street without a sweater or a jacket.

pv-1-combo-close 3

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  • Meera

    Love the look

  • Amy

    I love the scarf. The color combinations are perfect!

  • Neha

    I just love Kate Spade bags.

  • Venessa

    I agree with you on summer scarf concept. They are sure not comfortable. The one you are wearing is beautiful and looks great on you.

  • Nicki

    Nice look.

  • Judith

    Beautiful scarf. You look very elegant.

  • JS

    You look very nice. Every things you are wearing is just perfect.

  • Jess

    Very chic