Tips on staying fashionably warm during Winter

November 6, 2015
Winter Style tips - Featured

Cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in a most boring manner but it can easily turn out that way as we focus more on covering ourselves. There are ways you can make your Winter wardrobe more fun and exciting by using some styling tricks and adding the right pieces. Here are my two cents on achieving the fashionable look while staying warm in the upcoming fierce cold weather.



Blanket Scarves are major trend during cold weather. They are not only easy to pull off but also keep you super warm around you neck and chest area. Moreover, a great way to add a pop of color or bold pattern to an otherwise plain outfit. Styling options for these scarves are truly unlimited. Besides million ways of wrapping around your neck, one can also use it as a poncho or cape by adding a sleek belt around.



Showing at least an inch of visible skin between your boots and jeans is not only the right way to wear ankle boots but it also make you look more chic and feminine. Some skinny jeans comes with a perfect ankle length cut where folding is not needed but having an option to fold makes the Jeans look even for refined and shows that you pay attention to details.



Layering is truly an art and every style conscious woman must master the trick of doing that. It not only makes an outfit look more appealing and chic but also helps to stay extra warm. Instead of just piling up layers after layer of whatever comes handy, plan it in a way that each layer compliments every other other layer in the look.



This is one of the quickest way to add more sleekness to an outfit on a really cold day when engulfing yourself in a coat is not just an option but a necessity. Besides looking stylish and accentuating your waistline, it makes your existing coat collection more refreshing and new.



Adding a subtle rockstar vibe can really help energizing your Winter wardrobe, and leather/leatherette pants are perfect option to achieve that. Try it with an oversize knit or a plaid shirt during the day for an model off-duty look, or with a furry coat and statement boots in the evening.



Step-up your boot game by investing in some over the knee (OTK) boots. There is certainly something charismatic about them that make you appear right off the runway. The styles that are most in trend and look tasteful are the ones in matte leather and suede. Try to stay away from patent leather or anything with shiny coating.



Fedoras, floppy, and pom pom beanies are all–time Winter favorites of all the fashionable people but how about stepping-up with more statement hats like cossack, Parisian berets and trooper hats? Having more trend setting options like these would certainly make your Winter wardrobe more fun, chic, interesting and super warm!



No one values a pair of good quality snow boots more than a New Yorker or rather an east-coaster. Investing in something that is not only a great utility but also fashionable would make the whole snow season more bearable and exciting. I have seen many people wearing their classic UGG or similar styles during snowfall without realizing they are not really meant for the wet weather. UGG carry special styles that are just made for snow days and those are clearly labeled as such. One need a sturdy pair that are completely waterproof and slip-resistant in addition to warm cushioning inside.


Add-Faux-fur-coats-vests 2

These toppers will infallibly make you look all dressed-up and posh at any given time. You can easily throw them on top of any day-time or evening attire and look all fancy and chic. If you are not a fond of baggy look, try wearing a sleek belt to create more feminine frame.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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